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Bubblemaker Program at Red Sail Sports Aruba

For kids 8-11, this pool dive program is designed to introduce young adventurers to the thrill of breathing underwater. Youngsters can now get their first taste of scuba in a safe, controlled environment. The dive takes place in the shallow end of a pool with a maximum depth of 2 metres/6 feet. PADI instructors are there to teach proper scuba techniques to the new divers and activities are integrated into the course in order to enliven the program.

Bubblemaker gives kids the opportunity to experience water in a new way, making it the perfect beginning for a lifetime of diving.

The Bubblemaker program is a safe and exciting way to introduce young divers to the world of scuba and encourage them to continue the fun of diving in the future. Get your kids started off on the right fin!

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For the Bubblemakers:
Visit The World of Bubblemaker
Bubblemaker program for kids

Kids learn scuba dive

3 more kids Bubblemaker certified

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